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Does a deputy have to be in every day?


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I am inteterested to know whether a deputy has to be present every session.

The reason for my question is that on a Friday we don't have one.

We have a Leader who is in everyday and the other staff are level 3's or 2's.

Last week the Leader was called away for half an hour leaving 2 level 3's and a level 2 is this permitted?

thanks :blink:

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Guest colechin

I run a sessional Nursery. My deputy is a level 3 along with all the rest of the staff. If my deputy is called away for a meeting or is taking the children to the school hall, I am still covered with the qualifications of the other staff.


I understand that you have to have at least a level 3 on site at all times. If my staff were only qualified to level 2 status, then she would not leave them alone.


Hope this helps.

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I recently asked OFSTED the same question, as our previous committee were told that this had to happen and had a different named deputy on nearly every day alongside the Manager! This was OFSTED's reply:


'Thank you for your e-mail.


In response to your enquiry the Early Years Foundation Stage states that:


“The provider must ensure there is a named deputy who, in their judgement, is capable and qualified to take charge in the manager’s absence.”


In appointing a deputy manager, the provider must be sure that the individual has the necessary skills and knowledge to deputise in the manager’s absence. Having a qualification may be a factor but the EYFS does not state that the deputy must have any qualification.


If a deputy manager takes over from the manager regularly for a few days a week or on emergency occasions such as sick leave or holidays they would not be required to submit an EY3 form. If the deputy was to take over for an extended period such as long term sick and you want them to be able to speak to Ofsted on behalf of the setting, they will need to submit an EY3 form.


I hope you find this information helpful. '


I hope that clarifies things a bit



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