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I found an article on this in Nursery World 28/7/05 & have only just got round to looking at it. I hope I haven't missed a thread, & you're all using it already, but if not you might like to take a look & see what you think.




You can set up a group for your setting, which looks as though it means any staff members who want to can add their input online.


I'd be interested to hear your reactions!

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Thanks for that weightman,


I've had a quick look and "registered log in". Only myself (Preschool owner = Governer :o ) and my Manager (= Leader) have internet access.


When I get time to look more closely and use it, I may be able to get input from "practitioners" during staff meetings, then put info into the site.


Not sure if we will benefit from doing it because we already do Kitemark (Quality assurance-reflective practice) plus the Ofsted-self assessment.


Let us know how you get on with it. xD



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