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For my course I need to give some examples of books which can be used to promote race/culture, gender, special needs, age and how I would use each book with the children. I thought The Creepy Crawly Caterpillar would be an ideal one for perhaps special needs but am stuck on the others, have had a look in my book club brochure but cannot find any titles.

Any suggestions would be welcome.



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So Much by Trish Cooke.

Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne



Prince Cinders

Princess Smartypants

My Mum's ... something like fantastic

My Dad's ... see above!!


Special needs

Look for books like X can't hear or my mum has ms



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Amazing Grace

and Grace and Family

both by Mary Hoffman


Something Else by Katherine Cave (it might be Kathryn or Catherine)


And I don't know if good old Topsy and Tim would be suitable? Stories by Jean and Garth Anderson(I think)

Some that come to mind are

T&T / the Bully

T&T / New Friends

T&T / New School Friend


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