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Planning forms for mixed purposes and enhancing areas


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We have a continious provision set out each day in a free flow environemt soi children access rsources all the time- it can be quite messy and hectic.


We currently have a planning form which has workshop areas down the side and days on the week across the top.

m t w t f


Small world


We were told to add resources to meet next steps - we put this on the same sheet as above and write in blue on the day the child is in ie on Wednesday- Space tuff spot mat and figures in small world (Harry)


But what we are getting confused as we may have at the beginning of the week we might of had an enhancement of farm and animals because lots of children are interested in farm animals and our plan might of been to develop this over the week adding hay on tuesday etc.... so when we get to Wed do we put the farm away to get the space tuff spot out?


We are also writing on the form the Focus Activity details in a different coloured pen ie Thursday - Floating and Sinking (FA) in the water tray (just so all staff know that there is something planned for the tray for that day)


Do you think we are trying to use the form for too many mixed purposes?


Can you tell me do you add an enhancement to every area each week based on children interests and do you leave it out for the week?


Also do you evaluate your workshop areas each day?


Sorry there is probably a very simple soultion to this and Im probably over complicating it because I am getting so confused!


can anyone share their weekly planning sheet or give me an explanation to how you enhance areas and provide resources to meet childrens next steps please.



thank you

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i use coloured codes for enhancements to our normal provision - red for enhancements based on interests from the previous week, red for planned activities to meet a specific next step, green for IEP, SEAL and cookery club activities and purple for the activities/resources needed for the focus aspect. any other activities I may add to the environment are in black

enhancement forum example.docx

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