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writing observation for jack and the beanstalk


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I have an observation coming up next term and I'm already stressing out about it :(

Our topic is Jack and the beanstalk and the lesson has to be a writing session and I'm in desperate need of ideas please.

I was thinking about writing about what could be at the top of the beanstalk after discovering magical beans to plant but I need help on making the lesson fun and interesting. I really hope you lovely people can help please!



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I've just been thinking of a few ideas for you.

Would you begin with ' talk for writing' with some drama, throwing the beans out of the window then linking with CD music - make a climbing effect on chime bars / xylophone and asking the children what is at the top of their beanstalk? If you wanted to do this outdoors the children could pull themselves along a rope as if climbing it and tell you their suggestion when they reach you ' at the top'. You could model writing their ideas on leaves and attach these to a stalk displaying the key words as part of a working wall.

There is a good game in ' Three singing pigs' if you have it in your setting (not writing linked btw). You sing "Is Jack climbing up the beanstalk?" voice low to high, then "Is Jack climbing down the beanstalk?" voice high to low, then "has he stopped and standing still? voice same pitch. play xylophone up or down and children have to guess which. It's good if you teach this beforehand and use as a settler on the carpet.


Good luck with your observation!

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Thank you so much. I love the idea of using a bit of drama so I think I might have some magic beans and then throw them out of our classroom window just like Jack and then use some music to role play climbing the beanstalk and looking around at the top. I will use this as a point to launch a discussion about what could be at the top? My HT wants us to model writing during the session and so at that point I'll take their suggestions and model writing them on the board. They could write on large leaves which could be attached to the beanstalk?

Outside I love the idea of climbing along ropes etc and so I'll put this down for my TA.


What do you think?


Thanks once again xxx

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