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Hope you have all had a good Christmas and are raring to get back into school!!


Does anyone know where I could get an igloo

tent from for my Winter Wonderland play area??




I'm searching for one too, amazon and eBay sell cardboard igloo

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Guest sn0wdr0p

Sadly Ikea do not do the igloo tents anymore. We have had a few over the years and the children love them. This year we have a cardboard igloo from Kid Eco which is not too difficult to put together. We sprayed it with adhesive and sprinkled pretend snow and glitter over it. We made snowflakes to hang above it and bought a snow blanket from Range which we stood it on and then added soft toy penguins, snowmen etc.


We only put it up the week before we closed so I don't know how hardy it will be though.

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