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I am feeling really frustrated with the development matters statements in 'Understanding the World' 40-60 months as there is just one sentence under each of the three bands but each sentence is massive e.g ' Look closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change' and 'Enjoy joining in with family customs and routines'.

When I am trying to best fit my Reception children against the 40-60 band I find it very hard to say, yep , Flossie is secure at this level because there is so much to each aspect e.g talking about patterns in the environment, on animals, on materials or looking at change- that's massive.

I feel unable to show progress in this band as they are all just stuck on the 'developing level' as i can't possibly have covered all aspects of this sentence with them in two terms.


Anyone share my frustration? The previous band (30-50) contains 5 different statements which is much easier to work with.

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Have you downloaded the eprofile exemplifications? I know they are above the 40-60 month band but it may help with your decision making.



You need part 3 0f 4 which has the 2 ELGs for UW.


Dont forget it isnt about being able to cross them off as they are only possible examples of the childs development at that level- you know the children - trust your professional judgement of their abilities- are they easily able to do the ones below? Talk to other staff who have reception classes. Ask their parents? use this info along with your own expertise and i am sure you will make the right judgement. I would also look at the old document for where the statements fitted there. I am sure someone more knowledgeable than me will come along with advice.


Is your authority going to do moderations? If not yet then start your own with local reception teachers and maybe start with UW! Just talking to other professionals about the statements can sometimes make you realise you do know the answer!

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OMG-Revelation. I didn't even know these exemplification materials existed and I am Head of Early Years in a school with a 0-5 Nursery.


How are we supposed to know about these things? Why don't the government send them to us at school????


Are they available as a booklet or do we need to download and print off each bit? My whole department would benefit from looking at these.

Many thanks.

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I was reading the examples for the ELG 1 and ELG 4, and they are lovely examples of childrens play and observations made about this play, but it took me a couple of times to realise that these are just examples of expected levels of development, And I couldnt find this information on the page itself, but had to go back to the general front page: so what then would be expected for emerging or exceeding levels?


wouldnt it make sense to show the different levels alongside each other? I do have a general theoretical idea about the differences, but if I am having to report back to ofsted, surely we need very clear guidelines that cant be confused?



And how are these detailed observations shown in this document expected to be done in reality, for every child across every setting? I thought one of the points raised by the Tickell report, was that there was too much paperwork, surely this just suggests everyone should be doing just as much evidence collection and writing up observations as was done before?


im still confused......

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