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Heavenly First Week Back!


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Am sure most of you have read my posts over the last few months and listenend to my moans about my predicament in a double classroom with the FS co who was so keen to keep to the old ways and me wanting to move into a more play based, interactive classroom environment. You might remember me saying we'd decided to put up a divide down the centre of the room and I'd spent a bit of time over the hols setting up how I wanted.


Thought I'd let you all know that I've had a fabulous first week! Don't think I've been as content in a very long time in the classroom. FS co left me alone, didn't impede me in my own ways of teaching, the kids have shown some great independence and I'm so pleased about my changes I can't even believe we ever taught the way we did! I'll never go back! I'm loving it. To top it all off the new Head has stuck by his word of implementing changes throughout the whole school and is leading us forward. Hard work, but it has meant that the FS co can't overpower or overbear him because what he says goes, which makes my life so much easier as I don't have to contend with being smothered from the top!


I'm on top of my assessments, my planning, my displays (even with my a staff member down!!!) and guess what - I'm actually having fun with the children - seems such a long time since that happened!


Just wanted to say thank you for your support and getting me to this stage - without you lot I don't think I would have coped quite as well - may have been a blubbering mess much sooner!!!


Lots of love,


D xxx

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Great, fantastic, wonderful, I am so pleased for you Gater, and all the children who will benefit from your persistance in knowing and doing what is right. :D


The additional bonus of the whole school moving forward and developing with the leadership of a link minded head will ensure continuity and success.


Well done for sticking with it through the hard times gater.


Now all you have to do is have fun :D


p.s. Don't tell too many people how well you have coped with one adult short or you may find they think you can cope without them permenantly :o



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Well done. It's a great feeling isn't it? I've had a great week as well. We had messed up our entry dates this year and I was dreading it. PLUS we hadn't got a final class list of those coming in. But it worked well - the first day I only had 3 children. I've done some quality teaching this week - long time since it's been so rewarding - almost one on one and no crowd control issues! Long may it continue


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No, made sure that they still know I'm missing an adult and would really like one soon - but made me feel good knowing that if I can do this without the adult, I could do a lot more with one too! It also makes me feel a sense of relief after struggling for the last two years to manage groups that were so not ready for what we are doing, and knowing full well that these kids are going to have a lovely year because I will be doing the best that I possibly can because I actually can do what I want!



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