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Job interview for learning support assistant in a special school :) ad


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I applied for a job in a special school which i didn't think i had much of a chance but got an interview on friday!!

I currently work in a preschool and am the SENCo, i was just wondering if anyone had any advice or key things to get in there :) or any questions i could ask at the end.

Also it says in the letter that i will have to do practical tasks.. not sure what this entails has anyone had any experience or ideas of what this may be, as thats the biggest thing that i'm nervous about as i have no idea of what it may be :S lol.

Any advice or comments would be great! thank yooou


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Hi I didn't want to read and go but don't really have any advice or suggestions-out of my experience im afraid. I imagine that the practical task would be a game or activity to share with the children surely to see how you interact. hope it goes well!


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