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Using torches - DM Statements


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Would you class battery operated torches as ICT? I have a peer observation this week and need to include ICT; however, the lesson is planned around 'talk time' - so is language based. I have taken the lesson idea from the 'communication cookbook' (word magic) and have decided to talk about candles. We have been looking at 'light' and silhouettes, generally, so I can make a connection between the candles and torches. I am really struggling to include ICT in my lesson. I realise that ICT is now included in 'technology' and have included the following in my lesson plan:



Shows an interest in technological toys ... or real objects such as cameras or mobile phones.

Shows skill in making toys work by pressing parts ... to achieve effects such as ... movements or new images.


I guess I am 'entitled' to change the wording to reflect the lesson, so to substitute 'mobile phone' for 'torches'; bearing in mind ...

'The development statements and their order should not be taken as necessary steps for individual children.'


But of course these statements relate to 30-50m, so what about 40-60+m? I have talked it through with the FS leader, but am still 'dithering' - any thoughts?! I am beginning to panic!! :(

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I would include torches in that definition and for my current reception children using the 30-50 months statements wouldn't be out of place due to their levels of ability. Even if your cohort is more at age expected levels, if this is the first time you are introducing the topic then I might look at the 30-50 months statements to establish their ability in this specific area before progressing further. Does that make sense?!

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