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Climbing equipment for under twos?


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Hi all


I have identified that we need to give the mobile children in our 0-2 room something that will challenge their physical skills; at present we have ride on toys and rockers but nothing for them to climb up, and some of them really want to climb!


I have never worked with under two's in any other setting so haven't seen this done before, and was wondering if anybody uses any equipment they can recommend for this age range- a sturdy climbing frame or slide that can preferably be put away quite compactly as we don't have much storage space.


Thanks in anticipation!

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We have a Community playthings slide and steps - it's out all of the time and is just tucked in one corner of the room - and the babies and toddlers love it. It's just three shallow steps with handrails and a slide that is not too steep that they fly down it but just enough to make them feel they have achieved something.

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