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Behavioural problem?

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Hi Guys,


ive got a bit of a quandry, one of my key children has started displaying really agressive behaviou r and has a complete melt down if he cant do exactly what he wants i.e waiting a turn on a bike/ child not wanting to play with him. Hes always been biostrous, but so lovely.


He can be very loud, lots of energy and just recently trying to make friends and play with others.


My observations show he can play really calmly with some of the girls, in a boy group he gets overly excited. He likes to get his own way and will defend others hes playing with. He gets silly sometimes also (What 3 yr old doesnt )


Reading though the development matters statements in PSE he is entering 30-50 in all areas. Develping in all other areas.


But i think this extra agre ssive behaviour is out of charater. But he has had an ear infection twice in the last 6 months. I wonder whether he needs grommets?


Has anyone else had these issues? Or found children demonstrating this kind of behaviour, with the solution being an ear problem?


Any advice would be great

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This is not scientific but reading through this discussion it would appear behaviour is affected by ear problems and thinking logically if you were not able to hear what was happening around you and not understand why it could lead to a sense of frustration I guess.


I hope others come along soon with more helpful advice.



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Have you tried speaking to the parents just to make sure their are no problems at home? We had a child whose parents were splitting up and his behaviour became very aggressive with some children then tearful at other times.... just a thought


Also does he demonstarte this behaviour at home?

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