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I am about to start a new job as pre school room leader in a private nursery. Does anyone have any good different ideas for an all about me topic??

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Welcome from me too :D


Have you tried the search, I am sure there have been plans posted before.


When I have done this theme the most popular activity was to have lots of mirrors, the children looked at themselves and drew self portraits and then later in the year they drew portraits of their friends, then at the end of the year drew another self portrait ( this showed development).

We used the 1st self portrait for the front cover of their development files.


Photo's of themselves as babies and now, photo's of their immediate family ( including pets) helps to involve parents. These can be made into a simple "family tree". Sensitivity ( but not avoidance) needs to be taken if you have children in foster care.


I made a little felt finger puppet of my son when he was just starting school ( depicting his school uniform) using a head only photo, then felt for the body. ( he is now 22 yrs old and I still have it on my mantlepiece, 17 yrs later :o ). Maybe you could adapt this idea by using lollypop sticks for the puppets ( less fidley and children can do it themselves) These could then be available for small world imaginary role play.




p.s. Good luck in your new job :D

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Dear Lorna

Initial thoughts of what we have done in the past

height charts with ribbons and a board

eye/hair/skin colour charts for children to colour - amazing how many of the children have different coloured eyes!!!

hand and foot and finger printing including looking at our finger prints through magnifying glasses. I use the black ink pads for this - gets a bit messy but works really well

family and self portraits as Peggy has said

family collage - images cut from magazines of people all ages, sizes, colours etc children to create their family from these. Catalogues are good for these. Be aware although they are really fun although parents can either be a little sensitive or deeply flattered when their child trawls through the images and picks one that is not quite expected.

There are loads more but my brain has gone - cant even think what I did yesterday let alone last year but I am sure others will put loads up for you.


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Hi Lorna,


This is the topic we are covering at the moment. We are doing lots of work on 'favourites' at the moment - hopefully making up a little booklet by the end of the topic. As and aside to this we have been exploring feelings - what makes you happy/sad etc. We are also looking at body parts (lots of choice of songs here!). My assistant has been working with the children making full size pictures of themselves - drawing round them and then getting them to draw in the face and colour in the clothing. These are then going to be made into a display and can be used to talk about differences/similarites/size/age etc. Finally we are also concentrating on rules and routines. There is such a lot that can be covered - perhaps if you break it down into 'segments' you may find it more manageable. :)

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Just when you are feeling tentative and overwhelmingly scared (even though you have been teaching for some time) about Monday.You log onto one of the best web sites ever and find reassuring comments , brilliant ideas and access to other web sites.Well done Foundation Stage Forum members for being so supportive.I do enjoy opening the new posts and finding out you all feel the same as me.Thank you.

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