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Hi all


Does anyone have any good ideas for first circle time games in Reception? I have done 'pass a cuddly toy and tell everyone your name', during the children's induction sessions, but could really do with some fun ideas/games.


Also, should I do circle time in smaller groups? I found on teaching practice that children sometimes found it difficult to wait their turn when in a whole class group and although not all of my class will stay after lunch, I will have 30 children in the mornings.


Hope you can help - would rather use all the tried and tested and VERY creative ideas that you all have than look in a book!!



Kellsa :)

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I like to play games where all the children are involved at this early stage-


Rolling the ball across the circle- you either say your name or the persons name that you are sending the ball to. As you are not going round the circle its a bit more exciting and all the children eagerly anticipate where the ball will be going.


Swap places if- a nice one that involves all the children- you say swap places if.... you have brown hair, wear glasses, have a brother...etc Each time if the children fit the criteria they get to find somewhere new to sit in the circle.


Pass the smile or pass the squeeze.



Hope these help



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Hi Kellsa, I teach reception however it was my first year last year so I don't have a wealth of experience. However we went on a course about emotional intelligence and there was an interesting activity called the 'doughnut' activity which involves having half the class sitting in a circle facing outwards and then the other half on the class sitting in an outer circle facing inwards and facing a child from the inner circle. You then assign each circle a role so the inner circle may be the speakers and the outer circle the listeners ensuring that one child from each pair was the speaker and one the listener. (Before doing doughnut we had discussed in detail what makes a good listener so children were aware of the skills involved) I would then either let them tell their "news" (good for a monday morning when they all have something to tell) or I would give them a topic e.g. "can you describe to your partner what your bedroom looks like" the listener has to take in as much information as they can. I'd then choose pairs to stand up and the listener would describe their partners bedroom to the class. They then reverse roles. When they get a bit better at doughnut we would then ask the outer circle to move around 3 places and tell their new partner about their old partners room! Hope this doesn't sound too confusing and sorry if you already knew about it!!! I just liked it as all the children participated and didn't have to wait their turn. :)

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Thanks so much, I love all your ideas! The great thing about all your suggestions is that most of them can be developed over the year and I feel like I've got a few foundations to start from - brilliant.


Gwen, I am really grateful. Your plans look fantastic and I will certainly be able to use lots of your ideas as I am doing 'myself and my family' as the topic this half term. Really kind of you to share your hard work!


Thanks again all



( aka a very grateful NQT!!!!) :o

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I too find circle time can be difficult with children at different stage - I would be interested to know if anyone has read the Jennie Lindon book on circle time. I think it is new book and as I am a fan of Jennie Lindon's am sure it would be excellent - has anyone seen it or got it - would love to know whether it is a good buy.


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