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Do any of you lovely people have a proforma for a safeguarding audit so that I can see what needs to go in one. My EYSO says i need one ( and I have found the reference in the code of practice)but was unable to provide me with any guidance as to what it should look like or consist of !!! thought I'd caught up with all the paperwork tweeks and changes but heyho theres always more.

Thanks in anticipation

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Hi max321


I can take no credit for this information but how about this;


There is a link to a safeguarding audit tool within the Early years news and views newsletter, this can be accessed at; www.somerset.gov.uk/earlyyears or contact your Early years support officer who can support you to access it.


This information was posted in the new Somerset Local authority forum area. Somerset have just signed up to our LA membership scheme so look out for leaflets/emails that should arrive in your setting in the net few days.....when you have the details of the LA scheme password you can email sue@eyfs.info with the scheme password and I can upgrade your account so your membership will be free.

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