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Hello. I have a new child who has just started in my class. He is EAL but has good english and appears to understand what is happening in class, even if he struggles to express himself. He uses a lot of grunts and moans to communicate even though he can speak, single and two word phrases. He was a prem baby and has been very protected but is now in school, I'm unsure if he has been to any nursery as they are new to the area, and his behaviour is causing us some worries. The biggest worry is his eye rolling. He seems to be facinated by his hands and when staring at them will continually go cross eyed. He is not the first prem child I have had but he is definatly the most complex of them.........he can count easily to twenty, order and recognise those numbers as he goes but struggles to understand that he can't hit and push.

I am going to meet with dad next week as I do with all of my parents when the children start and I'm hoping that things maybe a bit clearer after that but I am at a bit of a loss about what to do with him about the hitting. We have spoken to him, explained using gesture etc, kept him in and spoken to dad but at the moment nothing is changing and I'm now having the older children in the school not wanting to be near him as they don't want to be hurt.

Any ideas and thoughts are welcome as I'm also trying to support my TA in dealing with him as she is struggling to develop any form of relationship wiht him which is bothering her.


Thank you.

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