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Child Initiated Learning?


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Could someone please tell me what is the difference between child initiated play and child initiated learning?


Would I be right in saying that child Initiated play is when a child uses the resources initiating their own play without direction

and child initiated learning is when a child says or does something that opens windows for extra learning?

eg. a child on the carpet when discussing todays weather said 'the clouds were parting it will rain'.


I would then build on this. Checking understanding about weather, wind etc

Set up an activity eg making a kite


thank you :1b

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Hi, yes i have always thought that Child initiated play is the children playing with the resources by their own undertaking without our leading the play, and Child initiated learning is them learning through their play so... the children playing with tigers realise that this one is the biggest/smallest, the children in the creative area make links through shapes matching those with similaries :)

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