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EYFS guide for a handbook.


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Hi, I am trying to rewrite our EYFS bit for my school's prospectus. Has anyone already done this that I could have a look at. Basically a guide that is easy for parents and like to read. Thanks

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Hi gschool and welcome to the forum :D


As a newbie you may not be aware of the 'Search' function on the site which allows you to have a little search to see if what you are asking has been discussed before. Just look in the top right handside corner of the screen and you will find an input field where you can search for topics including the key words you add.


I have just done this and come up with the following which I hope will offer some ideas that you can tweak to your requirements.


Information For Parents Eyfs


Revised Eyfs Guide For Parents


Info On Eyfs For New Staff


Revised Eyfs Information For Parents


Hope they help.


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