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Ideas For Shape, Space And Measures Activities


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I have to plan and implement a learning acitivity which involves helping a pupil or group of pupils to understand and use shape, space or measures. This is for my course. I have been searching on google but cannot find anything much. I was planning it for 5-7 year olds. Any ideas or websites would be welcome.


Angela :)

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Shape, space and measure is a very broad area and I would think that you need to be a bit more specific both in topic and in age group.

The areas thought of under that heading are ususally

shape 2d & 3d






I'm not sure exactly what you can access without paying anymore but the abacus maths scheme which was available via hamiltontrust.org.uk and ought to give you some ideas. You might also find the materials at myprimary.co.uk

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Measuring and weighing are always good fun and very practical.

Measuring - could compare heights of children by sticking post-its on the wall to show height of each child. Foot length, using unifix cubes... General measuring of objects in classroom, using variety of measuring implements (hands, wooden blocks, unifix, dominoes etc)

Weighing - ordering objects by weight or measuring using non-standard measures.

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For measure the children have painted sunflowers the same height as themselves then sorted these by height and displayed around the walls as a garden.


Using Goldilocks story to compare sizes

Three sets of bowls spoons etc.


Russian dolls are a favourite for ordering by size

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