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Asects of Planning - names and meanings


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Hello everyone

This is my first post since becoming a member a couple of months ago and I think the forum is a fantastic support.


I'm really intrigued by the many and varied planning formats and approaches to planning that practitioners have. I've also noticed that we sometimes the titles we give planning documents/processes vary and that one label I give something might mean something different to someone else.


For example to me continuous provision is everything that might possibly affect children's learning both indoors and out. I have the 'provision' posters up on the wall - it's a long term thing. A friend of mine thinks of continuous provision as her daily plans - the resources and opps available in each of the areas each day. However another teacher I recently met calls this her environmental plan.


I know that in some ways it doesn't matter what we call it as long as it's happening.... but just find it confusing!


Am I thinking too much??!

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I think as long as you and your staff understand the meaning behind what you call your planning then that is all that matters although I agree it would make life easier if everyone called it the same thing.


Maybe at your next staff meeting you can have a chat and decide what means what and go from there :1b

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