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Lesson Observation - Mind Blank!


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Hi everyone,


I have had a total mind blank!


My children have shown a massive interest in dragons and eggs! So last week I made some eggs (from abcdoes.com) and we have been waiting for them to hatch and today they did! We had a little dragon with only one wing hatch and he left them a story 'we;re goin on a dragon hunt' so the information we have is that dragons live in caves and we need to help him find his family there- i have turned the R.P area in to a castle and writing area in to a deep dark cave but I am struggling to plan ideas for continuous provision/child intiated learning especially as I have an observation on Thursday.


For the observation I was thinking of looking at different types of dragons as the children are convinced the dragon we have got is a fire dragon (hes red) so i thought i might look at fire and ice.


Does any one have any nice writing/ role play investigation area activities I could do in CP?


Any ideas would be gratefully received :) xx

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