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I'm beginning to draw blanks when it comes to fun maths independent activities and how to spruce up my investigative area.


Im in Year 2 - our topics are Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and Health and growth.


Any ideas?

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And I guess some ideas for extended provision that I have found works.


Bingo cards and a bag of balls on a table. They love taking the role of the bingo caller and it means they are having access to larger numbers. You can also change it to 3 digit numbers if you create our own cards.


Design and technology area - well resourced, well labelled. I include design sheets and an area to display their makings. Ive a huge whiteboard there too so they can discuss what they are making with friends. Modelling this is essential.


Tuff spot with scenes from the topic area im covering - e.g. scutari hospital, the sea and land,soldeirs, beds and nurses.Provide binoculars and newspaper sheets on clipboards for reoprting what they have seen.


Role play scutari hospital, make beds, sheets, provide rats, medicine logs, dress up (black dress, pinny and cap, soldier jackets)


Currently we have a food shop with labelled boxes showing each food group, coins, shopping lists, recipe cards, blanced meal plates.


food out on a table and sorting rings. labels for the food groups. blank labels foe their own ideas on sorting.


I keep putting weird things in the sand and water. The language that comes out of it is just immense.

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I put a challenge in my maths area each week. This week, its actually outside, three numbered hoops with a numbered bucket inside. the children throw beanbags and record their scores and add them up. Next week I am doing capacity so will have contianers in water tray for the children to work out how many cups or ml each container holds. I tend to put in a challenge into the creative area too to help give them some purpose - this week they are making puppet emormous crocodiles based on our topic. I do sometimes struggle to make my roleplay areas good enough to manintain interest over the half term and to extend the children enough.

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I love your maths ideas. Its not my forte so thats where I struggle.


Role play wise I tend to ask the children. What else should we have in here? As we learn different bits week by week they like to add to it and it evolves, sometimes into something completely different. I have a wall in mine and I tend to put a window on that and change the view regularly so that thres always something to observe and write about. Im training my new year 2's to come up with their own ideas for things by doing a lot of modelling my thinking about what I would like to learn and what I know should be in role plays and DT areas.


Do you keep your challenges for a week? How do you display these as a reminder? How do you introduce them? Im going for daily jobs at the moment as many of mine are trying to get away with not doing them.

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