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Enormous Turnip!


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I have a lesson observation in the next few weeks and am thinking of doing the Enormous Turnip. Any ideas welcome- making soup, identifying vegetables, weighing veg, peeling veg for ine motor skills.

I would love some of your expertise- this is my first post


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Hi! , I got a turnip from a local market that still had roots on and then planted it in a pot. I brought this in as a stimulus and asked the children what they thought it might be. We( me and my TA) then made a big act of trying to pull it out but it wouldnt come out. Then I said I remembered a story about something similar and told the kids the story without a book. Went down a storm!. Then the next day we took the whole unit outside int he outdoor area and tried to pull up the turnip. We started with one teacher, then added more each time until every child was holding on . Finally it came out and we all fell over! This made a fab photo story, and we then re wrote the story using our characters.


That seems very long winded, but it was fab. Hope it helps!

Anje x

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