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Challenges In Year 1 Continuous Provision


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Morning everyone,


It's Saturday morning and Yes...I am thinking about work (sad I know ! lol) I have recently moved into Year 1 from Reception and I'm finding the whole thing a bit daunting. I know exactly where the children are academically but want to make sure I am challenging them in their independent activities as well as their guided/adult led activities.

Can anyone give me any ideas of how they challenge their children in the Continuous Provision and other independent activities? Do you have challenge questions up in each area?



Hope someone can help.



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Guest tinkerbell

I teach a mixed R/yr1 class and yes I do have challenges for the year 1's and any reception child who would like a go.Some of our activities have commercially made cards eg links ,sequencing colours and counting etc ,the same with peg boards.

I would quickly write the challenge on a whiteboard and have it at the area ...even better ask them what they would find a challenge and write it down and put at the area.You could have a class tick sheet and they could tick off when theyhave completed the challenge with a traffic light tick green ,easy,orange ok but a bit tricky and red for too hard? you could work with them on this get their ideas...a challenge book to record some of the challenges?

eg in playdough literacy can they make their name ?take a photo of it

can the make X worms? (or whatever)

Can they make a woven basket? (real challenge when we do Handas surprise)

make the fruit to go in the basket.etc


I would use a whiteboard for instant things but for a topic would make a special A5 sheet and write on



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