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Help - I Need Some Sticky Shapes!


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Hi everyone


I have been trying to find some sticky shapes to help children identify their trays etc in Reception. I thought someone out there might know where I can find such things??


I was thinking of something like gummed paper that is in the shape of a train or duck or something similar that is really simple and visual and could then be removed once children can recognise their own names more readily. Has anyone seen anything like this (or am I talking round in circles and making no sense at all????!!) I thought it would be nice to have 5 different shapes in 6 colours, so that children would have to identify their shape and colour.


If not it's back to the laminator again - hope someone out there can make head or tail of my ramblings!



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I actually made mine in the past. I bought a sheet of stickers and then used the clipart programme I have (BBC words and pictures one that I got for 10 quid from the education show!).

If this would be useful I could make another one and put it up for people to use.

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Hi Kellsa,

I understand your ramblings but unfortunately don't know a site for labels.

When I make my labels I have the name then a symbol . I try and find out what the childs interests are at home visits and get inspiration from that for the symbols, ie: Cameron likes dinosaurs.

The symbols I get from clip art. ( it does take a while to find 28 different symbols, but can be done using shapes, animals, smiley faces, flowers etc)

These are then laminated. After a term or when I feel the child is ready I cut off the symbol ( which is at the end of the name strip) and then the child begins to recognise the letters in their name.

I have 2 groups, yellow and red, and their name labels are coloured according to which group they are in.


Hope this helps if you can't find any labels.




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Hi Kellsa

Unfortunately, like Peggy, I do not know where you could get sticky labels, but you could try good old sticky backed plastic. It will mean you will have to cut out the shapes yourself, but hopefully they will peel off when no longer required.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you soooooooo much everyone!!!!!


Lots of great ideas which I will definitely use. Really appreciate the feedback. Nichola, if you still have a copy of the sheet you made, that would be great, but please don't go to the trouble of making another one - I would feel guilty, holidays are too precious!


Interesting to find that other people have had to make their own sticy labels, perhaps we should market some and make our first million??? - Yeah right dream on, too much planning to do for September to think about making money!


Thanks again everyone!


Kellsa :o

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