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It's not directly related to just EYFS, but I am to be the new Deputy at a school next week and have been asked to do an assembly to introduce myself to the chn? Anyone got any good ideas or stories I could use to introduce the concept of new beginnings/being uncertain about change etc. I would like to involve a few volunteers to do some role play. I always find this grabs the chn attention.


So a story about change where the chn can help me act out the story would be good.

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Guest tinkerbell


I have asked all my new reception children to bring in a shoe box with things 'all about them'.I introduced the idea tothe parents at their reception evening and I did it again for the transition afternoon to give the children some ideas as to whatthey could include.

I had

a ball of green wool because like knitting and I had just knit a jumper

a photograph of my grandson

a photograph of my allotment

an onion because I am good at growing them

a book because I like reading

photograph of my family

a stone which I like because its smooth to stroke

etc you get the idea.....

you could have a bag or box and ask the children to come out and take out an item and think about what it is and why you have included it.


sorry can't think of a story


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Tinkerbell, I love the idea thanks. It would be a great way for the kids to get to know something about their new deputy. I wouldn't need a story then if I start off talking about change and how everything changes like day to night, a caterpillar to a butterfly and relate it to how the changes the school has made may seem unnerving but exciting too. Then I could go into your suggestion as a nice way of introducing me. Will just have to remember not to put a bottle of rose in!!!


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