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New Weekly Planning Sheet

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Hi all,


Have been having a think about my weekly planning sheet and have come up with this so far, would really appreciate any comments you might have (good or bad...) I will also be using individual activity plans which will include more detail and evaluation sheets etc. This will literally just be used for an overview of the week.




Lx :P

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This looks easy to use and simple. Do you do a daily Maths? And do you split the lessons up into the areas or do you make it thematic?

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We do alternate maths/literacy- so our literacy sessions are usually mon/weds, and maths are usually tues/thurs. The sessions then run for the entire morning, we usually get through 3 groups max each session, while the other groups are involved in child initiated activities. We found that by doing both literacy and numeracy on the same day the children were getting confused with what they are doing/learning- this way means they are fully engrossed in that area of learning, and any models/creations can be kept out for the full morning instead of having to be tided up. I haven't added days of the week on my plan, as I don't like having to stick to the usual routine, as you are aware things change easily in EYFS and some days it might be more appropriate to do KUW (or UW as I should say now) first thing on a monday morning instead of literacy, just depends on the children day to day and what their needs are. We try and make most of the learning as thematic as possible, but it is sometimes easier said than done!!

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I plan on doing Maths first thing mon to thurs with 2 groups on and 2 groups on child initiated. Then the 2 groups that didn't work itch me mon work with me tues. after our playtime I plan to do theme which will carry on for the rest of the day and the week. So for example, I plan to read goldilocks during a shared reading session, then at some point that week perhaps do some role play, sequencing of the story, junk modelling making baby bear's bed, pshce around right and wrong etc and continue the following week with other activities like making bear puppets, shared writing on what we did to make puppets, shared writing on what we would need for a healthy teddy bears picnic, designing a picnic, making the picnic and having the picnic.

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If you think the planning will work for you, then it is good! It seems you have covered all that you need to have for the new EYFS.


I like your idea of not having specific days for the activities.


Here's an example of my weekly planner:Short Term Plan example.doc I enlarge it to A3 size.


I adapted what I had before, by adding a spontaneous planning section (similar to that in 'The Reception Class in Action' book). This will be blank at the beginning of the week and we will write in the boxes how we have supported CI activities (what I have added are just examples of what could be written).


I added a ticklist of the AoL at the bottom, to show I have covered them all.


The LO numbers relate to a numbered DM grid that I will have next to the planning for reference (this saves typing the whole DM on the planning sheet). I didn't add all LOs to the Focus activities in this example, but I will in my real planning!


I also have individual children's PLODs which feed into the Focus activities.

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