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2 Simple Profile Or Target Tracker Profile?

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Hi everyone,


Just looking for some advice really. My school currently uses target tracker in the rest of the school and would like foundation stage to use it as well to input the data each half term. Another school uses 2 simple profile and say it is great because you basically build an online profile for each child and update it with note, pictures etc using an ipad. You then match this to the data for each child saying what points they have met. This is then transferred into the half termly data.


I have not used either and would appreciate it if anybody who has used either would let me know what they think as the HT has left it up to me to decide.



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We have used target tracker for some time, along with the rest of the school. Given that we have to use some kind of tracking system, it's. Not too bad. You can add photos, comments, videos on to target tracker in to each child's profile. So sounds similar to 2 simple but we don't do it on the I pad. We tried doing it all on to target tracker but adding photos etc all the time took us ages. So we went back to what we used to do which was using target tracker 4 times a year to input summation assessment data and use on going scrap book learning journeys for each child that the parent can take home. Only thing w ith doing it on I pad is will the children get the experience of sharing their learning journey with others? Target tracker isn't too bad. Does give you lots of charts etc that can show attainment and progress which is good for fending off marauding outsiders who want evidence. Don't know 2 simple first hand. Hope this helps a bit. Ask any more questions you like!!!

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Hi. We're going to use the Orbit Early Years website and iPad app. It builds an online learning journey, allowing parents to access their child's information. It is free to use too.

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Guest gemmabriscoe1

I have been looking into the Orbit Eary Years and was wondering is it possible to print the observations or are they pureply stored online?

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Ok. So target tracker learning journeys didn't work. HT really wants an online version. With 2 simple I think you can print off each month and clip to LJ's so parent could still look at a paper copy and take home at end of year. The tracking sounds good with target tracker I will have to look at 2 simple and see if you can track on it in the same way. iPad makes it easier as you can take pictures, recordings, notes, etc and they are sorted straight on to the program so no downloading needed. I will have a look at orbit early years and see how that compares.

Thanks everyone. Maybe back with more questions soon.


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HI Everyone,


I'm def going to start using one of these on line assessment tools from September as 2 years of sticking photos and postit notes in learning jourmals and referencing them to objectives has nearly killed me! I just nned to choose which one to use....


The options seem to be...




2 simple




interactvelearning diary


classroom monitor





I've looked into most of them, most recently this afternoon Orbit.


I like the way you can easily take photos and add your comments and file them in certain sections of the EYFS.


I couldnt figure out if you could file to more than one child at once...has anyone else worked that out?


I didn't come across any ways of looking at the whole class at once, or printing off graphs, or looking at certain areas of the EYFS that you may need to focus on...has anyone else found that?


Does anyone have any comments good/bad on any of the above programmes?



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