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Hi Folks,


I am finally getting on board the ICT bus after managing without even a mobile phone thus far in my life.

Will have an ipad in my new Reception job. Am getting a laptop, have a mac PC at home. Am planning to get an iphone.Already have an i-pod.


What wonderful things will I be able to do with these devices e.g transfering stuff from one thing to another (using a cloud perhaps?)

And anything particuarly pertinent to Reception?


What I am really rubbish at on my current work laptop is organising things. I am always downloading things form here or elsewhere on net, finding useful websites etc. but can never find where I've put stuff.


I know, I know....rubbish. Top tips welcomed.

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think about yourself and your personal organisation first

Look at Evernote with this installed on the whole range of your machines you can take notes/reminders, save weblinks, add pictures etc etc on any machine, it saves to an online account and, synchronises with your other machines, smart phones, PC Mac etc etc. So for example you can take the minutes in a meeting on your iPad on Evernote then go home and write them up on your Mac, or add some web sites to use in a lesson on your Mac at home and use them from one of your classroom machines.


Dropbox is another cloud application,"is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily" Install it on all your machines then drag any files you want to use elsewhere to the Dropbox folder and they are immediately available on all your machines where dropbox is installed.

You may want to download Goodreader to the iPad which enables you to look more clearly at the files you are opening.


iCloud from apple itself does a similar thing


For the children - search for Duck Duck Moose, Noisy Crow, Busythings, Collins Big Cat apps, Toca Boca and have a look at their apps, good quality so some of these have to be bought. (download from iTunes)


Other people will have other ideas for you


You might want to ask the school to buy the connector from iPad to dataprojector so that you can project the apps fxor teh children, It's in the apple store.

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