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Plan For Prime, Specific Or Both...argh ...confused :/


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Hi all

I'm trying to be organised and redo our contuous provision sheets for Sept as well as other things and the more I look into it I can't help feeling I am going wrong.

Do I still put planning for all 7 areas down or do I just do prime areas?

If I am planning for prime areas is it supposed to be the specific areas will follow or that it is specific areas that should be planned for and the prime areas will just come naturally

Does that make sense? feel like I am in a mind whirlpool at the moment, help!

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Just been doing this myself! I have included all 7 areas on my continuous planning cards, and will plan activities/extensions around mainly the specific areas, including prime areas where child's developmental needs suggest this.


Hope that makes sense?! Happy to upload an example of my continuous plans (when i can figure out how!)

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Well it is the 3 prime areas that children from birth to 2 usually learn first.. and then the 4 specific areas are built on top of the 3 prime. Without Communication and Language it would be difficult to do any literacy, maths, understand the world, or expressive arts.. this is also true if physical skills are not developed correctly, and PSED speaks for itself.. a child needs to happy to learn to their full potential usually!!


Yes it is not a 100% fact that the 3 prime are required, because the 4 specific could still be learned without the prime possibly, but for a child to truly develop to their full potential the 3 prime must be developed well.. to give the 4 specific the best chance to shine.


Basically if a child just learned the 3 prime it could survive without the 4 specific ever being taught.. but can you imagine how much the child would struggle at school!


So imo the 3 prime are extremely important at any nursery age 0-5.. and the 4 specific from 18 months onwards need to be developed..


You will see from the new dev matters how little is needed when at 0-2 years, and it is mainly pointing you back to the 3 prime areas for development.

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I'm currently struggling with what the planning FORMAT will look like! :(

Should I keep it as it is but just update the areas of learning? Any suggestions appreciated!

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If your planning format is working for you right now, then simply adapt it as needed..


Observation sheet to include 7 areas of learning (3 prime, 4 specific) and also to include the CoEL somehow.. there is a very nice observation sheet on this forum that somebody attached.. we use this for focused activities mainly.. and post it notes for everyday observations


New Dev Matters Trackers for the age range in months of each child.. we keep these in our children's development files, which observations are stuck in, both post-it notes, and obs sheets and also a picture is stuck in. We then write the area of learning the obs covers, and highlight this along with a date on the tracker sheet. Then we add the next steps... which we then use on our planning sheets for either group of individual planning.


Depending on how much information you have on the tracker, it is sometimes best to plan for the areas you have less covered, or areas you have noticed need improving. You could also choose to advance in areas the child is already strong maybe.. im sure this goes without saying though. So you would need to just change your planning sheets slightly to cover the 7 areas now..


We also take the theme (topic) from our medium term plans that are displayed on the wall each month.. and plan activities around this theme.. and we also sometimes have to bring individual children's interests into the theme.. more about this in my Laymans Terms thread i started.


I hope this helps you out slightly and gives you some ideas. :D and good luck!

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