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im just wondering if anybody could help me.


i have been told different things by different professionals, including OFSTED.


can a level 2 be left in a room on their own, obviously not to run a room but for short periods of time, for example a level 3 needs to go the toilet or go out the room for a short message? Can they be left in a room whilst children are sleeping i.e lunch cover.


Also just help me to understand the new EYFS ratio requirement


am i right in thinking if for example i have 8 2 year olds i would be ok to have 1 level 3, 1 level 2 and a apprentice.


from new eyfs at least one being level 3, at least half of other staff being level 2


sorry in advance for sounding so stupid, getting bogged down with all the revised EYFS

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Guest katylouise1984

From my understanding yes, a level 2 can be left in a room, with a level 3 leading the room for the majority of the day. Providing of cors they are CRB cleared and you feel them competent in doing so.


I also believed that with 8 2 year olds you are working on a 1:4 ratio, so..... you caould just have 2 staff members and only half of these ie. 1 needs to be qualified.


Hope that helps and I am correct. x

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thank you Katy, its all very confusing. i m ent under 2,s. but refering to you saying if it was over 2,s your would only need 2 staff an one being qualified.


would this apply to the revised eyfs. where it stated you need a level 3 and half being level 2. so wouldnt that mean 2 would have to be qualified a level 3 and a level 2. is this right or am i getting myself confused

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