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We intend using a persona doll/ puppet for PHSE and other activities within the classroom this year. I understand you need to give them a life?! as in a background that the children can relate to.

I was thinking along the lines of a photo album of Poppy at the library, at the park, at Tescos on a bus etc that we could use throughout the year and add to depending on children's ideas. Has anyone done anything along these lines or have any other ideas?


Sharon and Poppy

P.S She loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we didn't get too many strange looks!!!

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Hi Sharon - our SENCO has just ordered us a Persona Doll - hoping it will be at school by September! Your idea sounds lovely, I can see how a book would be a really nice way of introducing the puppet.


Do you do home visits? You could perhaps take the Puppet / photo with you and explain that they will also be a 'new' member of the class.


Then when the children start school have small group 'circle times' and talk about things that the new puppet might be worried about (i.e. feelings the children might be having) - what to do if you need to go to the toilet, where we put our coat, how we get a drink and getting the children to answer the questions.


I did watch a really good programme on teachers TV about using Persona Dolls - click here for the link.


Have fun :D:D:D

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