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Hi guys,


A friend i know was going to put loads of books in the skip, so i rescued them.


They are all different languages:





German to name a few.


Their are no Asian ones unfortuantelly.


They are not dual language so you may need to ask parents to translate.


Anyway their free to a good home, their brand new samples most are more suitable for 0-3 with some non fiction books suitable for older ones.


Im based in lutterworth if your interested.



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I would be interested in a few of different languages!


I am based in nursery with 3/4 year olds but am happy to have some aimed at younger children too please.


Is there any chance I could send you money for postage?????


I am in the Midlands. . . . . .


I would send money before you posted if you let me know how much you want!


I dont know how many books there are available so dont want to say I would like a specific amount as others might be interested!


Please let me know!!!


Thnak you x

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Big thankyou. . . . . . . my books arrived in todays post!!


I am really grateful.

They look like a super selection.


Can I just get you to send me another email to confirm I paid you £13.50 though, as I need to get this money back and I accidentally deleted the last email you sent.

Sorry to be a bother :ph34r:

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