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I've searched the forum and not managed to satisfy myself with an answer to my question on daily routines in Reception!!!


I will eb taking over from a teacher who has an extremely formal timetable of eng or maths all morning, with phonics before lunch. Then each afternoon is dedicated to either a science, art etc objective. This will certainly disappear once i'm in.


What I want to know is do Reception teachers generally plan for an "Eng" "phonics" and "maths" session? Some timetables on here do.


My plan is to have a daily whole class maths session leading into 1 adult working with 1 group while the other supports play. Then whole class theme carpet session (the focus will depend on my topic, but I plan to use this time for big book sessions relating to the topic) leading into adult directed and CI. Daily phonics before lunch. Then another whole class theme input, with the rest of the afternoon CI with some adult led if need be. Somewhere in the timetable I will need to put my separate pshce, pe and re in.


I am a visual learner so any timetable examples welcome. When I have done mine i'll post it on this forum for you to look at.



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I think the answer is still that school expectations will determine timetables.


Personally, I preferred a more integrated approach but my last HT liked things more segmented and whole school phonic groups determined a lot of what went on when.

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Guest ShelleyT

I have never done daily maths / english sessions. It was quite clear in the old EYFS that all 6 areas should have equal weighting so I tried to do that as much as possible. I would usually do 2 english and 2 maths per week, plus phonics on top. I always do phonics after play in the middle of the morning. e.g.


9am English or Maths then activities / adult led

10.45 Phonics then continue the English or Maths adult led activity from earlier


The extra day might be for one of the other areas with an adult led focus


Hope that helps somehow!



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I thought if I started mon with a whole class Maths approx 15 mins I could then work with one group while the other 3 on CI with TA, then do another group. This would then leave me sometime before playtime to join in the CI activities or do obs. Then tues the other 2 groups would get adult directed input with me on same objective but differentiated. Wed/thurs repeat with different adult directed task.


My only prob now is working out which adult goes outside when. I have only onegeneral assistant, so to avoid her being outside all the time she would have to do some of the adult led activities

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