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Organisation Of Learning Environment In A Small Space!


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Hi all, In September i will be working, after many many years of being in open plan/free flow, an 'enclosed' classroom !!! EEEEEEKKKKK

I have been into school today and have come away feeling very confused about how to organise the learning environment/continuous provision - so am seeking some advice form any practitioners who have been/are in similar situations. How have you set up the classroom - what 'areas' do you have/ how have you organised the continuous provision?


The school i will be in is a 2 form entry school but the rec classes are not located togetether and do not have their own outdoor area! (they use the playground with KS1!) - So, in terms of setting up an outdoor learning environment I am once again stumped!!! Anybody in a similair position??? How have you managed this??


Any words of wisdom / similar experiences greatfully recieved!!!

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I am a one form entry reception and have the same problem with the outside area. It is certainly a difficult situation, and one I am still working on after a year at the school. I find the main problem are the staff at break and lunchtimes, a lot of our continuous provision can get 'ruined' then. A main suggestion would be trying to explain and get them to understand so they can guide the older children. I have made some areas (under our canopy) where older children are not allowed. We also have moveable fencing which we now use to protect areas from the other children at lunchtimes but this does mean the reception children are also not allowed during lunchtimes. Luckily my head is quite understanding and is getting his head around the world of eyfs. If they are not supportive I think it could be such a hurdle! We have made our fencing cheaply using poles in buckets with cement and then the collapsible trellice.


As for inside it really does depend on the size of ur rm really. I always think a maths area is one you can cancel out if you are short of space as it can be encorporated into other areas.


I too will be interested to see this thread develop.


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Guest tinkerbell

Hi fluffy

After many years in a very small classroom with R/some year1 where class 2 rest of year1/yr2 walked through the room to get to their classroom! I am now in a brand new room !

anyway some ideas for the areas.

I couldn't set up many areas because of the small room and lack of corners and thorough fare through to class2.

I would do my input in the morning withthe children and then ask them what they would like on the 'creative table' eg play dough,junk modelling,painting,cutting and sticking etc

I had to have water or sand ,so the sink was useful at times!

Builders trays on stands are great for moving around inside and outside, and again I would ask what the children would like in the tray.

If you do a huge topic map of ideas this will also dictate what the children need in the room.

As Claire says you don't need specific areas as everything can be taught wherever, just keep an eye that its a balanced provision.


can't really help with the outside

I know some schools where all go out for a session each day ,not ideal.

I have collegues who work in schools where the rest of the school 'trash'the area too.

we are In the middle of a phased new build we share withthe rest of the school and like claire I have taped an area off using rounders posts and building tape.

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I have just moved to a school with a single reception room that was purpose built but not very well and therefore I am finding not enough wall space around the outside of the classroom to create areas I would like. Like yourself I spent a whole day yesterday tearning my hair out moving furniture around. So far these are the areas I have got set up: a reading area (very important with the current gov agenda hot on reading), a mark making area, home corner, construction area (small and large together so the chn can utilise both at the same time), malleable table, creative table and then sand and water trays. I do have a loose Maths area which is on top of and at the end of a useless computer bench!!! But I found the Maths area used less frequently when I was in Year 1 and found it better to have a weekly enhancement or put Maths into other areas e.g. coloured plates in role play, different sized reading bears in reading area etc. I shall monitor the Maths area and if the chn don't use it then turn it into something else.


My outdoor area is also the playground, which I know I will find frustrating because it isn't continuous provision if the chn have to tidy up 3 times a day for playtimes and lunch. I am still trying to work a way around that.

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