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Planning Again?


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Hi Happy Hols Everyone!!!!


Busy planning, sorting resources etc before I "escape" to Scotland for two weeks!!!! Bliss!!!


Can I just ask for comments on planning, so I can again get it right in my mind please. Would appreciate any help ta!!! I know it is very personal to each setting, and when Oftsed came they said "if it works for you and your children it is right"!!!!


Is Long Term - topics, themes, festivals, important events, continuous provision etc etc Kept brief??????


Is Medium Term - dev matters focusing on that half term, some suggested planned activities (most though child led), enhancements to continuous provision, assessment opportunities etc etc?????


Is Short Term - daily/weekly plans, with brief observations of WOW moments, next steps of learning etc etc?????

Mant thanks in anticipation of your help and comments


Enjoy the sun!!!!!

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Hi BevL


How did you get on with your team meeting re.planning?


This is the way I plan for SEN children but not saying I am right and like you would love some thoughts from other SEN practioners in a special school as it isn't by any means the same as planning for a mainstream EYFS setting or even a mixed. For example some resources I have to plan times for or are adult led which in nursery/ reception wouldn't be e.g. painting, waterplay, gluing etc. Some practioners wouldn't understand this but for example if i left paint out without adult supervision ....a lot would be eaten......a lot would spread everywhere .....and some would go on paper [grin]. Glue gets eaten and water goes everywhere because i have a little boy who likes to splash and splash ......one mum always laughs when we have had water play because her daughter normally leaves school looking like she has been swimming.


My long term planning is as you have said - festivals, seasonal. I have quite detailed continuous provision but once its done its done!


My medium term planning is as you have said but my enhanced CP is my short term planning because we change it weekly/fortnightly. I sometimes do mini topics based on interests which might last 2-3 weeks.


My short term planning is my daily focussed plans linked to topcs or needs, enhanced continous provision, obs, next steps in learning.


I am happy with my CP and enhanced CP.


Its my short term planning that I struggle with. I try really hard to go with child initiated and don't plan ahead however I spend such an awful amount of time on planning. This year my group are going to be a very mixed bunch so its going to be a challenge as to how i plan and meet everyones needs. Do you plan around topics? What do you use as your starting point?


Look forward to your thoughts.

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Thanks Aunt Sally, glad we are more or less doing things the same with our "special little ones". i fully understand about the paint, glue, water etc!!!! Yes like you once continuous provision is done its then done. At the moment am just changing bits in line with new EYFS. Just got back from two weeks in Scotland so very "switched off" to say the least. Am going to tackle more school work this week, did a lot before I went as was still in 5th gear, so if I come up with anything which I think is useful I will let you know. We have 3 EYFS classes 1 for ASD, 1 for PMLD(my group) and 1 for SLD/PD etc. We plan around half termly topics and I usually use something topical to start eg a favourite character or song which I think the children will be familar with, then develop lots of sensory learning to give them opportunities which they might not have experienced, and then develop things which they give a good response to, on an individual level. Seems to work, and Ofsted seemed happy when they came two years ago!


Have you sorted planning etc yet?

Off now to walk the dogs, then tackle changes to Continuous provision. Oh planning meeting went well, I think! We came up with a medium term and short term format which we are going to trail. On lap top or computer, but havent uncovered it yet to send. Told you I had switched off!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the break and hope you will keep in touch. Like you say not everyone understands "us special people" eh????

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Hmmmmm like you i can't get into work mode and am switched off............... but am determined that i am organised when i get back to work so I am going to have to get cracking. I have begun to tweak my Continuous Provision planning from last year by adding the 3 prime and 4 specific areas .........but haven't got very far. I am going into work next week with a collegue and we are going to look at the classroom environment and perhaps have rejig of our layout.


Planning .....i haven't tackled yet. I am concerned as to how I am going to meet the needs of my diverse group this year.. .there will have to be lots of differentiation.


I would be really interested in your short and medium term format :D

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