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Aarrgggghhhhh! Going To Explode! Organisation Of Fs


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Hi all,

I am returning to FS after maternity leave and time in KS1 and i have to say i am a little worried!!

I loved FS previously and was happy to have a mix of child led/adult supported activities with carpet sessions etc.

We have spent time (2 form entry) re-arranging the environment so provision is better and children can access things but i am not happy with the nuts and bolts and wonder if anyone (who is more up to date than me) can help?

A few questions:

1. When the children first come how do you organise it (so it's not a free for all!) We have 60 children in the department and want to make sure everyone is engaged but also safe as the building is on 2 levels and so approaching freeflow with caution!

I was thinking of carpet session then allowing children to choose which area they wanted to work in and using photos to regulate how many children are outside/inside etc. Is this too prescriptive?


2. How does everyone manage On entry/Baseline assessment? Do you highlight DM (i know we arent supposed to!) ???? Again, stressing as have 60 children 2 teachers and 2 TA's and it seems like a mountain of work.


Sorry to ramble - i realise i should be doing other things with my Summer holidays!!


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forgot to add - how does everyone plan?

Do you plan for adult/carpet sessions and then add to the plan as the week goes on and children's interests develop/become apparent or do u plan for the week and add children's interests onto next plan???

I have done both retrospective planning and the more formal weekly plan - just not sure what to go with now as Ofsted looming!

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