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We have a very small room that houses 12 children aged 2 and 3 - We have some money to spend this Summer and my plan is to 'calm down' the area as it is too full and busy (both with colour and resources)

Have you any suggestions for resources that you couldn't live without or ideas on how to arrange the room etc?

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Depends how much you have to spend....even if you cant buy their furniture / toys community playthings have some lovely guidance and photographic inspiration in their free booklets for layout and resources. Very calming.

The 'Creating Places' and 'Children Come first' ones focus on the younger age range but all are great


The Community Playthings mini hollow blocks would be my must have for your age and lots of open ended natural items such as 'tree blocks', shells, pine cones, pebbles...in baskets rather than coloured boxes...


The 'cosy' catalogue mentioned here http://abcdoes.typepad.com/abc-does-a-blog/2012/03/some-great-ideas.html

has lots of great 'natural / neutral' equipment such as indoor tunnels as well as the TTS catalogue.

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I have the books mentioned above but would find it difficult if not impossible to justify buying only a couple of items from community playthings (much as I personally would like to do it).

It is a very small room that only has 12 children and with the new EYFS I think I am going to do away with a specific maths/science type area that has things like threading and jigsaws in as the kids never seem that interested in them and replace it with a 'finding out' area with loads of natural type stuff to sort and/or build with.

I also think I am going to have a focus on messy play too

other areas I want are

book area

home corner

mark making

small world

We also have a PC - what are peoples views on a computer for 2-3s?

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