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Could anyone please share they staff working hours or weekly rota


We are open 37.5 hours 8am-6pm


We give staff a half day each week and try and give them same hours each week


I am aware that some nurseries have early and late shifts ie 8-5 or 9-6 etc - if you do this can you explain how this works with making sure ratios are covered at the beginning and end of the day?.

Or am I missing something

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We are Nursery - 7.30-6pm 37 hour week, staff get a full day off every 2 weeks ( we tried the half day thing but this works better), and I do a four weekly 5 shift rota - will try and explain best as I can


Shifts are 8 hours 7.20 - 3.50 (A) 7.45-4.15 ( B) 8 -4.30 © 8.30-5 (D) 9.5.30 and the late is 9.15 -6 (E) ( slightly longer but it works out - we did try a 9.30 start but this mean two staff missed Key person time and this caused problems)


I have a senior and level 3 on early A, and the same on the late E, and as all my staff are first aid trained no worries about making sure that is covered.


So on week one a staff member will be on shift A second week either B or C ( with a day off) third week C or D depending on numbers of children staying later and fourth week E ( with a day off) . The staff member on the previous shift covers the day off if needed but if there are enough staff for the amount of children they stay the same. Very occasionally a staff member will have to stay on if children are not picked up on time but they get the time back at a later date - all staff fill out time sheets to ensure the right amount of hours are worked. We have been running this system for over 8 years now and staff like it.

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