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Hi everyone,

Forgive me if this already exists but I have been given an I pad to use over the summer as we are going to be using them in school next year. Over the summer i need to investigate and find the best apps to use with the children and I was wondering if there was a forum on here where people share the best and most useful education apps to save everyone time and money. If this already exists can someone direct me to it if it doesn't can I start it by recommending the app hairy letters!!

Hoping to hear your recommendations over the summer!

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I added this to an earlier forum hence the beginning.


I agree Marc Foulder is doing great work with digital technology -see iPad in Reception.


Ipad apps - there are lots and lots of good ones but some you have to pay money for.. and you'll see why if you give them a try.


Take a look at some of these, web addresses given but downloaded from ITunes. Lots of places use iTunes gift vouchers instead of setting up an account.


Duck Duck Moose Start with the Wheels on the Bus, their first ( facility to change the language amongst many others) the others have all worked well but the most recent Draw and Tell is such a simple creative app. Choose background,make marks/pictures then record your story save ( and have evidence).


Nosy Crow publish interactive animated stories The Three Little Pigs ( blow into the microphone to help blow down the houses) Cinderella and more coming along


Land of Me already established as a computer based interactive learning game now has a story making app.


Apps in my Pocket have Pocket Phonics, following/supporting Letters and Sounds


Talking Carl repeats everything you say - child appropriate image (not all similar applications have this)


BeeBot app Scroll down the page to read about it. If you're using BeeBots this free games app will be familiar to the older children


July - and very popular is PuppetPals a way of creating your own animations that can include your own pictures. My grandson 6 was teaching his Great Grandma (aged old) how to make them yesterday. There was a lot of laughing.



Some starters for you


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