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Please help am currently off work with tonsillitis but sat at home trying to come up with ideas for end of year award certificates, so far have got 5-6, need more but struggling, please, please help. This is what i've got so far:

Awesome Artist - for being next budding Picasso

Helping Hands - for always helping us and others tidy up

Smiling Sunshine - for a smile that lights up the room

Ingenious Idea - for comining up with original, creative ideas & solutions

Effervescent Energy - for being high-spirited, lively & enthusiastic

Sensible Steven - for sharing with and caring for others and knowing risks ??? not sure how to word this one??

Any help you can give will be greatfully received.

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We always used to choose according to the child and their interests and skills etc. However, you could go through every area of your setting and think about it - construction, physical apparatus, crafts, reading/books, speaking, listening, music etc.

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Hi Thanks, for that will make notes in the run up next time and ask staff next time just running out of time..............


the ones I have thought of so far I have children in mind for, the two children I am struggling with are:


the sensible steven award, not sure if I like this one? its for a child that is 99% of the time caring, and shares really well and tells us if we have forgotten to do something e.g close stairgate at kitchen properly, if he can see gate has been left open by parent, etc,etc


and I want to recognise a little girl who is leaving, who has been with us for two years started at 2, unable to speak a word of english and very shy, she is now fluent in both english and german, bossy (in a nice way with adults, not with other children!!) confident, bubbly and outgoing most of the time (shy first thing when leaving mummy).


I gave her the butterfly award last year for progression and confidence in english so do I recognise her confidence and fluency in english again?? if so how?, I am thinking along the lines of International superstar, But don't know

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