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A Different Sports Day - Help


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Hi, I've come here because I know that you will have some great ideas to help me out!

Tomorrow (yes I've left this a little late!) we are having sports day, but it will be in the hall because of the weather. Therefore for the day I have a mixed class of YR to Y6 and I have to give them activities to do that are based around sport/olympics but that are not 'sporty' because they will be doing a lot of sports day activities interspersed between.


It has to be things that will keep the older ones busy but also that will be easy enough for the younger ones to do with very limited support - i.e. me with all of them (around 25).


I've thought of

'I can' zigzag books

Someone who inspires me is..... (drawn and / or written)


and now I'm stuck......????


Any help greatly appreciated as pregnancy brain has taken over!!!!

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Guest sn0wdr0p

We are having a silly olympics day-backwards walking, dressing up races with really silly clothes etc.


My Out of School Club loved our 'The Cube' week. Rolling balls down tubes into containers, throwing a ping pong ball into a container hidden behind a screen etc. simple but really enjoyable.


How about building some London landmarks out of blocks or cardboard boxes in the fastest time


My sons sports day is also cancelled tomorrow as was their country dancing festival today. Only got the violin concert to look forward to in the morning now, mmmm I know which ones I would have preferred to go to!


Good luck tomorrow.

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