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I'm wondering how you follow children's interests if you have all of your topics preplanned. I suppose you could possibly have a starting point within each one and start from there. I always find it difficult to plan this way but have to have some sort of long term plan in mind, so I map out how I will cover development matters then onto ELGs, then when I know the children better in september I plan based on the children's interests and needs.

I like how you have mapped the aspects so you know everything is covered. I agree with Susan that I use at least 5 weeks to 'baseline'.

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Never though about increasng time of baseline so will definately have a think about that especially as the staggered entry is running longer this year. Thanks. We use topics very loosely as a starting point. In daily obs we look for childrens interest and provide stimulus for them - this then generally takes us off somewhere else and toppics change. Lucie when you say 'how you will cover development matters then onto ELGs do you mean map out when you will cover them? Do you have something i would be able to look at?

Thanks guys xxx

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