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Hi All,


I have finally finished my degree and I am interested in completing the top up BA through the OU.


I have seen in previous posts that there is an exam involved in the BA?? Is this also involved for the Top Up? If I were to do this through a university there is no exam, I am so confused?


Can anyone give me any advice? It would be much appreciated


Thank you

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I completed FD with Open University last year and am now half way through the top up BA course with them which, as you say, has a three hour exam in October :o Although I had not sat any exams for years I managed to survive ED209 a couple of years back, which had an exam and hope I can work the same luck this time. I am sorry, but have no idea about alternatives through brick university, although I have been told recently that I can apply for the Hons then EYP via my local university from September if I wish. I am indeed looking into this as I have not really found the previously excellent support via OU up to FD level to be so good this time round - current tutor group is moribund and tutorials are very few and far between. I am sure others will be along to give a little more information. HTH



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