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Wouldnt it be good to get a staright answer form the big "O"?


About 6 months ago i asked them if school took over the club would they need to register with OFSTED. No was the reply it comes under the school (so long children from the school attend).


Head wanted me to check again and this person says the governing body may have to re-register it (doesn that mean close etc??!!) or it could come under the remit of the school.


If you are club etc that is under the school are you actually regsitered with OFSTED or just under the school?



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Our after school club was registered with its own Ofsted number but then things changed and we became part of the school and were Ofsteded when they were, as part of them.

However I want to add something to the original registration and I will have to do the paperwork for that so I am not really sure what to say here!


In fact I haven't helped at all. Sorry!

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Thanks Scarlett.

A further email from OFSTED has directed me to their factsheet "childcare registration not required" and said I should refer to point 13. Which basically states that regisration is not required so long as at least one child attends that is currently a pupil of the school.

So it looks like the club doesnt need its own registration.

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