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Been reading for a while but this is my first post and just looking for some advice!


I'm an NQT in nursery, and will still be classed as an NQT come September for the first term. I started a month into the school year so I missed the 'starting school' part for the current nursery children. So I am wondering what to expect from the first day, week etc. How should I deal with parents initially? The children will all be starting at the same time; 20 full time and 4 part time (all mornings).


I am planning on sending a booklet home from the induction afternoon showing my teaching assistant and I, as well as areas of the classroom and school to prepare the children. Also, a getting to know you booklet for the parents to complete with their child over the summer.


How do you normally begin the term in terms of planning, assessment, routine etc.


I'm in a very formal setting, that follow topics (although I have tried to follow children's interests within these) and there is pressure from above for good results in terms of the EYFSP (I know it shouldn't be used in Nursery but I have no option here).


I'm visiting 8 children at their playgroup who will be joining my nursery class in Sept' what should I be asking, wanting to know at this meeting - I've never done one before, a little nervous!



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nursery is so fab. lucky you! do you do home visits? they are essential for building relationships with parents/child as they are in familiar setting. also parents can ask questions they may be embarrased to at school, and tell you similar e.g. child soils self/domestic violence/speech issues etc. also can fill out boring but necessary paperwork, e.g. emergency contacts, allergies, who has permission to collect etc. we do them first week. we're mornings only too. can do 5 a day so all done in a week. then youngest half class starts first, as they need more support settling and following routines, e.g. aprons on to paint/play in water. other half next day. or sometimes stagger over 3 days. the longer the better. legal entitlement is 38 weeks so don't oficially need to start for first 2 weeks. also you will be able to give a brief feedback to each parent on each of their child's first days, even just "was fine" is better than nothing! we start routine 1st day - play/group time/play/story and song. group time is 5 mins and just teaching to sit on carpet and learn eachother's and your name and get a sticker for being so good!! story is a lift the flap book, then 1/2 songs - ones parents have told us are their child's favourites. this way they feel more secure and if get unsettled next day can say what's next and parent will be here after story. we stick ridgidly to this for as long as poss, building up length of carpet time very gradually..... we don't plan, just observe and build up a picture of each child's abilities/needs/interests and teach routines - aprons/paintings on driers/toileting and hands etc so that children get as independent as poss asap! we assess which development band they are working in so we can plan next steps and keep record for tracking. we use topics which are very loose e.g. nursery rhymes, as our children don't usually know any, and light and dark/celebrations near christmas. but weekly/daily planning follows children's interests/info given by parents

i'm sure you'll get lots of advice from other forum users too

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