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Lesson Observation- Camping!


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Hi all, I have a lesson observation on Wednesday (found out today!) in Reception. We just started the topic today. The children want to go on a journey camping- So I thought (come rain or shine, we have water proofs and wellies) that the TA and a group of mixed ability children could go outdoors, use their imagination to decide how to get there e.g. make a boat with crates, car with blocks etc, then go into the SMALL wooded area and build shelters-? When they get there she will say she has forgotten the tent! what can they do? hopefully they will suggest building one!!!she will need to talk about out to make shelters, what the purpose is- sh will have some photos with shelters and tents on etc- does this sound OK?



inside I am going to start by sharing a non- fiction book on a transport theme with groups and compare how it is different to a fiction book with a transport theme e.g. Duck in a truck? Children will then choose a writing frame and write about one transport of their choice. they will then design a front cover and a contents page. This book will continue to build up throughout the topic


other activities


if weather permits then the usual transport survey

Observational drawing of a bike (indoors or out weather permitting)

role play is a London bus


but what else?


construction area will ask them to make, draw and record transport?


am stuck for inspiration


please help




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Sorry Susan I don't understand- If you mean would they wear hats if it was sunny then yes.

If I've missed the point then sorry and please let me know.

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