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Ta Interview With Task, Quick Question Please


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I have an interview soon for a TA position and part of the interview is to

'work with up to 4 children KS1 age to help them with their reading.

My prior experience is with Pre-school children so I wondered if anyone

had any suggestions how I should pitch this for their age.

It says I can take a book or borrow one of theirs. Usually I would

take my own as I would be familiar with it. I obviously know how to share

a book with the children but as it says help them with their reading, should I

be asking them to read the book?, take turns, or will group interactions be

suitable where we talk about the illustrations, predicting what will come next,

rhyming etc.. I think the 'reading' word has thrown me a bit and I don't want to

get this wrong .

Thankyou :1b

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I work in year 1 and a big part of our focus in reading is recognising the tricky words and also recognising the digraphs they have learnt when they are within a word e.g. many know 'ai' on a flash card but still sound it out as 'a-i'. So if you're planning to share a book I would pick a big book so you can do some shared reading. Other things to consider might be a tricky word or phonics game.

Other current focuses include reading dialogue with expression, and spotting types of text e.g. capitals, bold that create emphasis.


Hope this helps.

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Thank you nsunshine, I appreciate your reply The interview is tomorrow so I will have to see how it goes. :o I suffer with terrible interview nerves for the formal interniew so fingers crossed I don't mess it up.

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