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I was asked the other day if we had a play policy and I looked blankly at that one!


I am not sure if the person who asked me sent me a copy of one.


I will take a peek and get back to you about that!



Thank you Scarlettangel that would be great. I must admit hadn't thought of it before but a student asked and as we are very committed to free-flow play, learning through play etc.. thought it might be a good idea. Not quite sure where to start though so wondered if there was something out there to give me inspiration. :D


Have play mentioned in other policies but not as specific policy in itself.

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Havent forgotten just had a busy day and only just got home tonight so no time to look for policy. Sorry. Feel free to prompt me if you don't hear back from me!


Is it too cheeky to ask if you had any luck yet scarlettangel? :ph34r:

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