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Govt Report:affordable Quality:new Approaches To Childcare.


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Hi all, wasn't quite sure if this was the right place to post or if this has already been posted elsewhere so if it has please feel free to move this post if you wish.




You may have heard in the news reference to MP Elizabeth Truss and the comments made regarding the cost of childcare for parents. I have (hopefully) attached a link to her report Affordable quality:new approaches to childcare.


Please if you get a chance read it. It is only 8 pages long (not bad for a government document) but suggests future plans along the lines of



In addition nurseries and children’s centres could be allowed to attain academy status, as schools are currently able to. This would mean money currently allocated to local authorities would go direct to academy nurseries



There are many capable people who are already looking after their own children or perhaps used to work in childcare, who if provided with a simple and well supported route could become childminders. An agency model would create a clear incentive to recruit new people into the profession.


Improved supervision and training

could be accompanied by moving

the ratio from 3:1 to 5:1 for the under

fives, with a 2:1 ratio for babies. The

40 per cent headroom from higher

ratios would enable either higher paid

staff to be attracted to the profession

improving quality and availability or

alternatively would make the service

more affordable


anyway happy reading and food for thought for those who haven't seen it x

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